Alla Kazam is one of the characters from Witch High.


Alla is fairly mature for her age, but as soon as she's content, it's hard to get her back to normal.



Alla has one sister (Luna Kazam, owned by GirlX.), but does not live with her. Instead, Alla lives only with her father.


Most people tend to stay away from Alla, as she is usually fairly antisocial. Although, Wicca Wicked does seem to like her, and are good friends.


Alla doesn't seem to like Christa Broom, although, she will not openly admit it. She also doesn't like Maho Dreamus.


Alla does not have any romantic interest.


  • Alla's appearance is nearly completely based off of the Pokémon Kadabra, despite her name being based off of it's evolution, Alakazam.
  • Her skirt is meant to have the same look as a Shuppet, and her red lips meant to replicate a Gastly's gaping red mouth, whom are both represented as Psychic on the cards.
  • Her age was based off of the level an Abra needs to be to evolve into Kadabra.
  • The nickname 'Casey' was from Abra's Japanese name name. (Go and check it if you don't believe me.)
Alla Kazam
Witch High Student
Alla Kazam
Age 16, if you must know.
Nickname Allie. It's not as much of a nickname as an error. I've also been called 'Casey' once. It makes no sense.
Personality Most people consider me too mature and serious for my age. I am not disagreeing, but one I get on a 'happy' roll, you have to throw a few rocks to get me down.
Wicked Style I like something fairly 'preppy' with a hint of modern.
Pet I have a lavender cat... It sounds weird, but Sakura is quite good company.
Roommate Wicca Wicked.
Enemies Huh? Wha- what are you talking about? Oh, yeah... Dreamer. She loves pranking me.
Favorite Color I like the colours purple and gold.
Favorite Food Lemon Drops. There's something irresistible about that yellow sour candy.
Favorite Subject I like subjects that don't count on magic itself, like Potions 101.
Least Favorite Subject P.W. I am strong of mind, and not nearly as strong physically.
Element It's Psychic. Most don't consider it an Element, though.
BFFs Try to find someone that would want to be friends with me.