Camilla Riddle is the daughter of Tom Riddle (aka Lord Voldermort) and is a Monster High transfer to Witch High.
Camilla Riddle
Witch High Student
Age 16
Nickname Two-Face (I literally have two faces, the normal one on the front and the demon one on the back.)
Personality I'd say I'm strict but a little too serious. I'm hard working and will never give up. However, I do have a weird craving for unicorn blood!I have no idea how I got that.
Wicked Style I pretty much like a fancy academic style. A white blouse and a checkered pencil skirt with a striped neck tie will do.
Pet Charcoal, my cuddly black cat.
Roommate Fleur Facilier, daughter of Dr Facilier (aka The Shadow Man)
Enemies I get kinda irritating at anyone who makes fun of my appearance.
Favorite Color Emerald
Favorite Food White bread, just that simple.
Favorite Subject History. It's fasinating, even though it does mention about Harry Potter defeating my dad. But it's worth it, daddy's evil.
Least Favorite Subject Potion making, mine sometimes go KABOOM


Element Lightning
BFFs Fleur Facilier and Nikki Callahan(daughter of Anita Blake and Micah Callahan)