Fleur Facilier is a zombie summoned and adopted by Dr.Facilier. She is a Monster High tranfer to Witch High and a character from Light Of Day, Dark Of Night


"Well looky here! Someone just found their Nimir-Raj." Fleur talking to Nikki Callahan when she saw Nikki day-dreaming about Hunter Wizard

Fleur Facilier
Witch High Student
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Age I've spent so much time in the grave that I don't really remember.
Nickname Trickster Shadow
Personality I love playing tricks on everybody. Sometimes it's a banana cream pie or a funny spell.
Wicked Style I like wearing a simple veston adorned with a hat full of feathers from birds of paradise.
Pet Fabric, a living voodoo doll. He's one of my friends from the other side.
Roommate Camilla Riddle, daughter of Lord Voldermort.
Enemies Usually people who don't think my tricks are funny.
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Food Cinnamon buns, not icky yucky brains.
Favorite Subject Voodoo Witchcraft, what else?
Least Favorite Subject P.W. I'm only skin and bones!
Element Darkness
BFFs Camilla Riddle and Miranda Ernst (daughter of the Grand High Witch)