Frania Witchwand is one of the characters at Witch High.


Frania Witchwand is a big fan of green and black and often dresses green and black. She is loyal and witch-acting to her friends. She's also very friendly and athletic most of the time.


She lives with her parents who are witches. They live in Salem where most of the witches live in. She also has grandparents who live in South Salem and an aunt and uncle and three cousins who are from the USA.


She is friends with many witch girls. There is much of an unknown to her friendships towards other Witch High girls.


She is mainly just enemies with Christa Broom, Mia NightWitch, Lilly and Sally and all of Christa's friends because they seem so mean and rude to other witches and they are also cruel when they don't get what they want. She's not seen being enemies with anyone else.


She dates a boy wizard named Aron Zard who attends the boy wizards- only school named Wizard High. She is seen dancing with him in one of the Wizard High and Witch High only parties and they were both drinking some soda together in the corner of the ball room.

Wicked SpellsEdit

She doesn't have the power to do anything because she seems a little 'weak' on things easily. She doesn't give up easily though and tries to get to know some powers before she turns 119-years old.

Frania Witchwand
Witch High Student

Frania Witchwand

Age 15
Nickname Fran...For short.
Personality I hate bullies who hurt other witches and wizards' feelings like Christa or Mia for example.
Wicked Style Any wicked styles!
Pet My pet bunny named Wicana.
Roommate Let's not talk about it.
Enemies Christa, Mia, Lily, Sally.
Favorite Color Green and black.
Favorite Food Carrot sticks.
Favorite Subject I hate all subjects.
Least Favorite Subject Anything that is with broom-flying.
Element Duh.
BFFs Anyone who is nice