Haylee Magicmusic is one of the character of Witch High.


Haylee is a kind and nice girl. She is helpful and careful. She loves to dance and sing.



Haylee is a single child, she lives with her mom and dad, who is a teacher at Witch High.

Friends Edit

Haylee is friends with all of the nice girls at Witch High.


Haylee is enemies with Christa Broom and her friends, Mia, her assistant, and Lilly and Sally.


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- Her father is Mr. Cauldronington Magicmusic, the music teacher at Witch High.

Haylee Magicmusic
Witch High Student
Age 16
Nickname Hay-Hay.
Personality I love music and I'm kinda sensitive and kinda tough.
Wicked Style Anything that looks good for music and dancing style.
Pet My pet cat named, Jingles, has the best beats ever!
Roommate Evie Witchwand.
Enemies Christa Broom and her friend, Sally.
Favorite Color Black, Hot Pink, Purple and Blue.
Favorite Food Music Notes Shaped Cookies with frostings!
Favorite Subject Spells 101 and Music!
Least Favorite Subject Hmm....Broom Flying, I always crash.
Element Music, not so rare, but yeah.
BFFs Evie Witchwand, Lola Wandspell, and Eleanor Wickedhatz.