They the twins sons of the Lightning wizard.


Well they don't have a crush on someone for the moment.


Leon is the best friend of Brent Guillotine since their childhood and Neo is the friend of Cube Icey since childhood too.


The twins hate Cyrus Seaweed and his friend Tucker Samedi they don't like them at all.

Leon and Neo Lightning
Wizard High Student
Untitled drawing by solonor1987-d6z541r.png
Age 14 years and a half
Nickname lightning twins
Personality They are nice and friendly and they love socialized with everyone who is nice.
Magical Style They have yellow coat and yellow pants and shoes.
Pet None
Roommate The twins are roommates
Enemies Cyrus Seaweed and Tucker Samedi
Favorite Color Yellow for two of them
Favorite Food Ligthning crunchy

Lightning salad Ice Lightning pop

Favorite Subject Every class who interested them they like everything or least.
Least Favorite Subject Dunno
Skill Lightning
BFFs Brent Guillotine is Leon best friend and For neo his friend is Cube Icey