Melony Sorceries is a character at Witch High.


Melony was a quick and serious witch. She was a bit medium size but similar to the other witches. Melony likes being a popular, brave and amazing witch in the world.



She was the daughter of the sorceress queen, Sorcerina Sorceries. She even likes her mother.


She got a new BFF such as Kristan Cauldroncooker so she can be friends with her. She really loves to hang out with Mory Emeraldbright but except for Christa Broom. She really hates her and Mory.


  • "I might avoid Christa and her friends, Lily and Sally!" -Melony when she was overcome by Lily and Sally, Christa's friends.
  • "Stay away from my friend!" -Melony yelling at Christa.
  • "Sup, peeps? How ya' doing?" -Melony with her friends.
Melony Sorceries
Witch High Student
Age 15
Nickname Loser, Christa said that to me!
Personality Quick and serious.
Wicked Style I really love dresses with long or short skirts.
Pet A cute owl named Luna.
Roommate Kristan Cauldroncooker
Enemies Christa Broom
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Food Ice cream
Favorite Subject Potions.
Least Favorite Subject Broom-Flying
Element Light, it is too rare.
BFFs Mory Emeraldbright and Kristan Cauldroncooker.