She dorms with Stacey Witchana and she's one of the popular girls at Witch High.


Mia NightWitch is a character at Witch High.She is the assistant and BFF of Crista Broom,Meaning she is one of the mean but good assistant girls at Witch High too.She has a closet just as big as a mansion of clothing in it, and she's also one good fashionista.


Mia lives with both her parents.Unlike her parents,Mia likes to be more outgoing in the daytime than nighttime.She hated being out in the dark especially with her parents. She has a cousin named Brooma NightWitch who attends Monster High.


She's BFFs with Christa Broom and other good friends such as Lilly and Sally. She's probably friends with wizards and witches who are mean also. Unknown about her other friends but since she's attended Witch High for years she's had lots of friends.


Her enemies are unknown rather she has enemies or not but she shows a dislike of nice witch girls like Haylee. She was very unkind to Kimberly Witchland, Who is one of the newest girls at Witch High.


She dates a wizard name Wizz Zard. They are both seen hanging out and laughing together at a ball and drinking some juice.

Wicked SpellsEdit

Mia can cast spells that can bring things to life. She doesn't cast them very often and also she can cast the wind spell. It will take monsters, witches, wizards, or even normies away. She once casted a spell on Stacey to take her away but Christa liked it.

Mia Nightwitch
Witch High Student

Mia NightWitch

Age 15
Nickname Mi
Personality She is a bit mean just like Christa Broom,Who is her BFF and they played a trick on Stacey once.
Wicked Style I love fashion styles and I have a closet as big as a mansion,Honestly I can fit anything in there
Pet I have a fish place where I catch them and then put them in there.Stacey will never know.
Roommate Stacey Witchana
Enemies Haylee..I think.
Favorite Color Wicked purple,lavender,and anything purplish is my thing.
Favorite Food Frozen Blueberries,Durians,Soda,Cheese Pizza,Candy,Chocolate(Especially white chocolate and not the wicked not-so-good dark chocolate) and food I like.
Favorite Subject i dunno,I loooooove reading a good book.
Least Favorite Subject dunno.
Element dunno.
BFFs Christa Broom