Pumpkin is the daughter of a witches and character of Witch High



She's the daughter of a witch and had two younger sisters who go to appear probably later.


She's the best friend of Cerise Valley and Isabella Wisp since their childhood. This trio will never be separated.


She is interested in no one for the moment.


She hates Christa Broom and her friends, Lily and Sally.

Pumpkin Hallowishe
Witch High Student
Pumpkin Hallowishe
Age 17 Years old
Nickname Big Pumpkin
Personality I lost a little bit of my temper but I am very nice to people who is nice to me.
Wicked Style I wear a green top with a orange bow and a green-orange skirt with green heels.
Pet I don't have a pet.
Roommate Lysandra Nightmare
Enemies Christa Broom and her friends. They are mean.
Favorite Color Green
Favorite Food Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin soup, Caramel candy, Pumpkin slice.
Favorite Subject Spells 101 and History of the Wicked
Least Favorite Subject Voodoo Witchcraft, I hate needles.
Element Fire
BFFs Cerise Valley and Annabella Whisp are her best friends since childhood.