Sabrina Sachiel is one of the students at Witch High.



Sabrina has very few friends, being new.


Sabrina lives with her father, and has one sister. (You are free to make one.)


Sabrina doesn't like Celosia Veneficia, as she always bullies her.


So far, we haven't seen Sabrina having any kind of crush.

Sabrina Sachiel
Witch High Student
Age Well, 14. Oh well.
Nickname Shine.
Personality People call me mellow, but I'm just a little quiet. But once I warm up to people, I'm pretty fun.
Wicked Style I like wearing purple robes and such, along with crystals.
Pet I have an ice cat I called May.
Roommate Cherry Wit!
Enemies Well, Celosia always picks on me...
Favorite Color Purple. I love purple!
Favorite Food I'm not sure. Maybe pumpkin pie.
Favorite Subject Potion Making . I'm really good at it, too! My speciality is Night Vision potions. Oh yeah, and I also like drama and P.W.
Least Favorite Subject Ummm... I don't have one.
Element Water. Although, I can do a few light spells, but they just illuminate stuff in different ways.
BFFs Well, I'm new here, so I don't have very many.