• I live in Canada, British Columbia.
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is a sixth grader going to the seventh grade.
  • I am a girl.
  • Anita333

    Mh Dolls!

    October 18, 2013 by Anita333

    Heyy Guys,

    My mom bought me three MH dolls! I've got Frankie Stein, Twyla, and Gigi Grant now! I've never seen Frankie Stein Basic doll anywhere but my mom said they were on a toy store that was a giant toy store.

    By the way I think I should get some good ideas for this wiki. For example, Like editing more often and make things look more neat.

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  • Anita333

    Hello Everyone!

    I've been making blogs and telling users from other wikis lately to help the wiki get more users and here are the wikis I've posted so far:

    .Smurfs Fanon Wiki

    .The Fantage Wiki!


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  • Anita333

    My Absence On the Wikis

    September 2, 2013 by Anita333

    This blog post was posted in Sep.2nd, 2013 by an Admin Anita333.

    I know I'm an admin here and mostly admins need to help around the wiki and help the founder and also if someone is breaking all the rules or trolling around the wiki the admins ban them. Since I'm an admin here I'll help as much as possible sometimes and try to not have as much absence. I'm not going to be away forever because of school and homework but I just won't visit the wikis as much as I do in the semester breaks and Summer or any other breaks. I hope the other admins will come here and help around because I'm gone for a short while.

    Those of you who don't know why I'm leaving shortly is that I get too much homework everyday and even after I finish, I have lots to do tha…

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  • Anita333

    Hey Everyone ^.^

    Some wikis aren't very friendly much though. I tried Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Wiki about Witch High and I just got blocked by someone, It didn't say the username it just said user. Then the reason the person wrote down was:Under aged user. I remembered someone left a message asking if I'm 9 or 10. He/she asked 'Isn't that too young to have an account?'. Okay, I'm thinking I should go on wikis that are more user-friendly, Not lying.

    GirlX- Solarius left a message on my wall that you wanted both of us telling other users from other wikis about Witch High Fandom Wiki. I'll help as much as possible XD

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  • Anita333

    My Friend Is Joining

    August 1, 2013 by Anita333

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a friend named Misty and she is joining the wiki!

    Misty lives downstairs in the right side of my house.My parents decided to have Misty and her family as renters,We especially live at the same house XD.They pay money every month and Misty and I probably have the same IP address because she created her account Misty4Ever on my laptop.She doesn't know anything about Witch Fandom wiki yet.

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