This blog post was posted in Sep.2nd, 2013 by an Admin Anita333.

I know I'm an admin here and mostly admins need to help around the wiki and help the founder and also if someone is breaking all the rules or trolling around the wiki the admins ban them. Since I'm an admin here I'll help as much as possible sometimes and try to not have as much absence. I'm not going to be away forever because of school and homework but I just won't visit the wikis as much as I do in the semester breaks and Summer or any other breaks. I hope the other admins will come here and help around because I'm gone for a short while.

Those of you who don't know why I'm leaving shortly is that I get too much homework everyday and even after I finish, I have lots to do than to help online friends, Make OCs, Make Episodes, and help the wiki. Yes, I promise to be back in a short while someday like on Fridays and Saturdays. I can't wait to see you guys again after that and I'll miss you.

I've already wrote the message to the users on MH Fandom Wiki and this one for Witch Fandom Wiki. Misty won't be going on as much either. We hope we get put in the same class because we'll be attending fifth grade and I already have my new backpack and new highighters and new erasers ready, My aunt took me today in the morning. My sister probably need the internet for her projects because she's going to sixth grade. She writes all her pen pals online and prints them out so I have no time for online friends and OCs and Episodes and wikis.


P.S I probably won't reply your comments for a while so be patient.