SLEEPOVER? SLEEPOVER!!!! *cough* Wait, what?

Sorry... That was loud... Sooo, I was thinking of making a sleepover pic with the witches. I'll only allow 5 other witches, and Maho is going to be the 6th. Please don't add all your OCs, or make them the majority. One OC per person. Just ask. As long as you only ask for one, I'll accept, unless I've already got everyone.

EDIT: No more spaces left!


-  Maho Dreamus (Jasmin231)

- Wicca Wicked (MonsterGirl2002)

- Gabriel Le Fruit (Solairus Balasar)

- Willow Wicked (Piplupgirl123)

- Avelyn Britchworth (EverAfterHighFreak)

- Alyz (Superlady01)