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    Hello, everyone.

    Read on, because this is a very important blog post.

    I have been on the wiki for the past few days and I've saw nothing new. Right now, I saw that some people are making new OCs and adding categories on pages. And I thank you all for helping. But, there is a problem that is annoying me.

    We need the wiki straightened. It's quite messy here, especially on OC pages and I am a little disappointed that you guys are paying much more attention towards adding categories and making new OCs. I respect that, but I want you guys to pay attention to the messiness on your OC pages. So for example, Headings. I've seen ALOT of Heading 2s on OC pages and I am not very pleased with it. If any of you have OCs that have a section for Relationshi…

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  • SabbyFangirl24

    Hey, guys!

    So I found this clawsome doll line thingy called Kawaii Crush, maybe some of you know or have heard of it. Well guess what? I made a fandom wiki for it! I haven't watched any webisodes yet, but I will. I'm still new to it, but I wanted to be the one to make the fandom wiki for it because if a beginner made one, ouch. No offence but I don't think anyone would come on their wiki. :/ So I wanted to tel lyou guys about my wiki and please DO NOT request adminship immediantly, you must be making some OCs and a fanfic, at least. And don't forget to read How to Create an OC! That page is full of advice, and it's all written by ME! XD

    Here's the link to the wiki:

    Enjoy! ^^

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  • SabbyFangirl24


    August 27, 2013 by SabbyFangirl24

    Hello everyone and welcome to THE RESULTS!

    Before we get too excited, this is the results for the very first Witch OC Contest!

    Now, we will say the voters!

    Science+classic rock+mopar=me





    Now, the contestants!


    Solarius Balasar



    And now, the RESULTS. Good luck to all.

    Who is thrid place is.....Anita333!

    Who is second place is.....Superlady01!

    And, isn't is pretty obivous? First place is....


    The prize for Solarius Balasar is.....

    The prize for Superlady is......

    The prize for Anita is......

    You all might wonder why I haven't done the right prizes. Well, because...

    -Solarius is ALREADY an admin (1st place).

    -Superlady can easily make an adop…

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  • SabbyFangirl24

    Hello everyone.

    This is important, mostly for all the admins, so please, read on.

    I have been thinking about this for a while and I have also discussed it with Anita, the first user to become an admin. So, I'm thinking to take off some admins. I don't want much but I also do not want to disappoint you all. But, I think it's best to take some off.

    First off, I surely will take Kanani off because she doesn't seem to be on any of the wikis.

    Second off, Anita and Solarius, you both are safe. I need you, Anita, because you were the first user to pass the test and I think you have great ideas in your mind and you help me out in things. I also need you, Solarius, for the artwork and some other good ideas and advice.

    Thrid off, lastly, I am not sure wh…

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  • SabbyFangirl24

    Hello everyone!

    Ok, so it's been two days and I haven't annouced this, but now I am.

    If any of you want to join the 1st Witch OC Contest, too late. It's closed now and I will make a blog post on MH Fandom for the voters.

    Good-bye, I wish you all luck.

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