Hello everyone!

This is a contest for the best witch OC on this wiki. The winner will get a great prize.


- You cannot let anyone help you or make you the OC AT ALL.

- No copying OCs, or else you cannot longer compete in the contest.

- There will be a deadline for joining the contest.

- No stealing arts from other people, even from people off this wiki.

- No insulting other people's art or work.

- The voters has no deadline for voting.

- Do not edit this page, unless you are an admin.

- You get until August 10 to join the contest, if you want to enter, and to make your OCs.

- You get to make only 4 OCs to enter the contest.


- You make a witch OC and post the picture in the gallery on this page.

- You make the OC's page and mention that she is competting in the contest.

- You type below in the comments, if you want to join in the contest, "Join: (Your Username)".

- You type below in the comments, if you want to vote for people who are in the contest, "Vote: (Your Username), (User's Username (who you vote for))

- For whoever is going to vote, you get to vote twice a day.

- Yes, admins are allowed to compete in the contest.

- When you want to put one of the pictures of your OCs you made, you write below the picture, "(Your Username), (Your OC's name, in a link to their page).



Gets to be an admin for 3 days. (Rule: However, if you do anything bad, I'll return you back to a normal user.)

2nd Winner

Gets a adoptable store, even though you are not an admin, there is no deadline for opening an adoptable store.

3rd Winner

Gets a picture made by any admin, or me, the founder, you pick who. (Rule: However, you must give the creator of the picture credit.)

Other Users who Competed

Gets a OC picture from the founder, me, MonsterGirl2002. (Rule: However, I pick which of your OCs I want to make.)


Solarius Balasar




Jasmine231; Solarius Balasar

Science+classic+rock+mopar=me; Anita333

ThePowerPuffKittie; Solarius Balasar

Birdywirdygal; Superlady01


Good Luck

Good Luck!