Hey y'all! It's GirlX here!

I wanted to tell you new news about Witch High! But appearantly, it's not something SOOOOO big, but it must be told.

Ok, so I go over to the Witch High page and take look at the OC links. There are too much and if we add more, it will be more than to much. So this is what I'm gonna do. I'm closing the OC space.

Which means, that there is no longer posibillity to enter your next OCs you are planning to do. It's just to much to handle. But however, you are free to make boys, which are wizards, until I tell you to stop. And of course, we don't need to much boys either. So, also, if Shanell doesn't come on by tomorrow we must get off her two OCs that she haven't made yet, I made my decision, Anita and I will be starting to make the trailer and I'll just take some ideas from Anita and Kanani for the first episode of Witch High, however, I have my own ideas, but I'll check what they got.

And please, make a blog post on wikis you go on to let people join this place. I don't even know if were going to go on with this wiki or not. But I'm gonna make a blog post on MH Fandom Wiki. Anyone wanna help, I'm not stopping you.

That's all! Thank you for reading!