Hello, everyone.

Read on, because this is a very important blog post.

I have been on the wiki for the past few days and I've saw nothing new. Right now, I saw that some people are making new OCs and adding categories on pages. And I thank you all for helping. But, there is a problem that is annoying me.

We need the wiki straightened. It's quite messy here, especially on OC pages and I am a little disappointed that you guys are paying much more attention towards adding categories and making new OCs. I respect that, but I want you guys to pay attention to the messiness on your OC pages. So for example, Headings. I've seen ALOT of Heading 2s on OC pages and I am not very pleased with it. If any of you have OCs that have a section for Relationships, please do like this:



(Text here)


(Text Here)


(Text Here)


(Text here)


You can mix things up, it doesn't have to be in order. But write more information. Not like, "She's the daughter of the witch". And done, that's the Family section, no. That is not accepted.

I know you guys are happy here, making OCs and all. But you guys have to pay attention to other things. For example, Shanell used the infobox for witch OCs for her OC, Abra Cadabra. And in her element section, she said that her element is FASHION. This is completly WRONG. There are absloutly NO fashion spells, we're not in Bratzillaz or something. Search up Elements on this wiki and see what kind of elements there are.

And I am sorry to say, but I have to take OCs more seriously now. I will not to be picky, but I think this is right. So the admins who are going to be on my side is Anita333.

The admin who will take care of the artwork and make teachers, will be Solarius Balasar.

And other admins such as Superlady01, must take care of the messiness and tidying categories. So please, don't make useless and pointless categories.

And whatever you do, DO NOT let ANY Anons make a page. We need USERS, not Anons.

Goodbye for now.