Attention, attention!

Hi everyone. I've been have a problem seeing stuff on your OCs' pages and this is what the blog post is about.

I want you all to know that the boarding high school, Witch High, is ONLY FOR GIRLS. However, I will make a page sooner or later for the boys who goes to Wizard High, only for boys. So, that means, that you do not need to write like on Frania Witchwand's page, "Mainly girl witches", or whatever else. And also, in the Witch High episodes, which will have to start probably this week or the next, that the schools are boarding. Which means that the students sleep there, but I put a good idea for a break for the students: Each weekend, you can you visit your parents, go to the mall, go to whatever else. But not traveling! You can do that in semester break! But however, I'm the one writing the episodes, but with however, the help of Anita333. But if we have more users to come visit this place as often as we do, Kanani 8 will help me, too.

That's all for now, everyone. I hope you're excited for the Witch High episodes which will HAVE to come THIS WEEK or NEXT WEEK. We can't keep waiting for more users, so this is only for the admins:

Please go on any wikis you go on, and make a blog post for this wiki saying that we need more users. We can't stay like this because if we do, we'll just write the Witch High episodes for no one. So, WE NEED NEW USERS. And GOOD ONES.

Ok, that's it. I hope you're excited.

Bye! :)