Hey y'all! It's GirlX here!

Ok, so, I've seen the OCs that are on the Witch High page and I've decided what to do.

Number 1!

I'm going to make a trailer for Witch High, but not video! It's going to be written by me and with the some ideas from the admin, Anita333! Once we have our trailer all set in mind, we are going to post a link on the Witch High page of the trailer then, whenever we fully prepared to post the trailer, we'll write it onto the trailer page, and post it so that you all can see and read it!

Number 2!

I will begin start the Witch High series very, very, very soon. I already have the all the ideas in mind but if you have any characters you would like to create so that they could be in the series, tell me first and I'll think about accepting your character, or you gotta say goodbye to your character's appearance in the Witch High series. I hope you all are excited. But there's one last thing I would like to announce about this subject: If you guys have any ideas for Witch High episodes, please tell me by leaving a message on my message wall saying the idea and who is part of the idea. But if I do not answer, that means that I don't want to idea in Witch High, but if I do, I will reply back to your message on your message wall. And no arguing with me if you want the idea to happen and I say no, which is by not replying to your message about the idea, like I said before. Or else, you will get kick out the wiki and if you come back and threaten me or anyone else, you WILL be BANNED FOREVER.

That's all, ta-ta. I hope you all are excited about the news. Well, I am! :)

So that's all.

Bye bye! :)

-Stay calm and love TACOS.