Wicca Wicked is one of the character from Witch High.


Wicca is a very nice and kind witch. She might be known as the daughter of an evil witch, but she is very friendly and polite.



Wicca is the daughter of the Wicked Witch of The West. However, Wicca is not as evil as her mother, she is more like her aunt, Glinda.


Wicca is best friends with Alla Kazam.


Wicca dislikes Christa Broom, for being so mean.


Wicca is single and has no crush on anyone. But she is still interested in boys.

Wicca Wicked
Witch High Student
Age 16
Nickname Wicey and Princess of Wickedness.
Personality I'm kind and nice, not like my mother, I'm also stong and brave.
Wicked Style Green and Purple outfits and heels, duh!
Pet I have a pet black cat named, Broom.
Roommate Alla Kazam.
Enemies Christa Broom, she's too mean!
Favorite Color Green and Purple with a bit of Black.
Favorite Food Frog Stew!
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Least Favorite Subject Voodoo Witchcraft, it's kinda hard.
Element Light, it's too rare.
BFFs Alla Kazam, she's my best friend and room-mate!