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Willow Wicked is a new student of Witch High that was transfered from Monster High.

Personality Edit

Willow used to be a trickster at Monster High but now she is more disciplined and maturer now.She is more shy rather than loud and is usually calm now.

Appearence Edit

Willow has green skin,purple eyes that used to be green but she accidently casted a spell on her eyes and she has short purple hair.

Trivia Edit

  • Willow's favorite book is the "Grimsley Waily Book of Spells"(Whimsley Ally Book of Spells).
Willow Wicked
Witch High Student
Willow Wicked Witch High
Age 16
Nickname I used to be called "The Wicked Prankster" at Monster High but now I'm "The Nerdy Witch".
Personality I used to be lazy,clumsy and rebellious but now I'm neat and organized and less rebellious than I was.Man I've changed alot!
Wicked Style Cute,nerdy and casual I guess.
Pet I once had a little cute frog name Phil..until he was turned to frog stew by my old Mad Science teacher Mr. H. but now I have a messenger crow name Kolkia.
Roommate Spellinda Thropp
Enemies I don't know who my enemies are yet.I've only been here for 9 months.
Favorite Color Green and purple
Favorite Food I like to eat pizza with (I'm sorry Phil!)frog legs.
Favorite Subject I like all the subjects actually.:)
Least Favorite Subject I actually like all the subjects so i don't hate any subjects.(:
Element Earth
BFFs No matter how far we are,me and Phoebe will always be GFF's forever.(But i'm also friends with Sora Magi.)